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Asphalt drive

Surfacing, drainage & groundworks

Choose H.E.D in Bingley for all your commercial surfacing, drainage, and groundworks.


Whether you need a gorgeous driveway, a playground, or a car park, you can rely on our expert team based in Bradford and Bingley in West Yorkshire. We can provide a tarmacadam, asphalt, paved or concrete surface to fulfil all your needs.


For more than 25 years we have built an excellent reputation with our satisfied clients, and more than 80% of our work comes from repeat custom and word of mouth.

asphalt road

Roads & car parks

Good access to your commercial property is essential for your business, whether it’s for your staff, suppliers, or customers. The design of the layout and quality of the work will have a direct effect on your customers’ experience. You may find it necessary to build an access road to your premises to ensure the smooth and efficient transit of goods via heavy vehicles. A properly surfaced road will be able to withstand several tonnes of weight.

building site three worker pouring the concrete

Concrete works

Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials in the world, as it’s so versatile and durable. It can have a variety of finishes, such as brushing and powder floating.


If you need extra strength and durability, the concrete can be reinforced with a steel latticework that vastly increases the amount of pressure the surface can sustain.

We can complete concrete works such as reinforced walls, foundations, paving including access roads, garage and shed bases, plus floor slabs and industrial bases.


A basketball court

Tarmac® & asphalt

Tarmac® is an extremely flexible material that can be laid to fit any space. It can be provided in any colour you wish and is used for anything from roads to tennis courts.


Our tarmacadam and asphalt surfaces are built to last and will resist any wear and tear caused by use, adverse weather conditions, and plant growth. We can lay smaller surfaces by hand, and much larger areas by machine, and this flexibility ensures that your project is fulfilled in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Plants along cobblestone driveway


A beautiful driveway is a superb asset to any property, whether domestic or commercial. Not only is it necessary to provide adequate access and parking for vehicles, but it can also really add to the aesthetics of your property and increase its value and kerb appeal. With parking spaces at a premium, driveways are increasingly valuable.


Contact us with your designs or ideas, as we can incorporate other materials as well as tarmacadam and concrete, to create your ideal driveway.

pathway in the park


Paving is both practical and attractive and is available in a wide range of materials. We can supply and lay paving in a variety of patterns and styles, so you can be creative with your paving. We can lay paving for all sorts of projects, from patios to farm tracks.


All our commercial paving will last for years to come, because we dig the foundations at the ideal depth, and install any required drainage, as well as the appropriate edging, whatever the size and shape of your project. We also provide domestic paving and driveways services. Take a look at our previous work.

Concrete drainage tank on construction site

Drainage repairs

We can fix all kinds of problems with your drainage and sewer systems including:


  • Finding leaks

  • Unblocking drains

  • Repairing burst pipes

  • Cleaning drains

  • Completing patch repairs

  • Relining drains

  • Repairing septic tanks


We can probe inaccessible pipes with the latest CCTV technology to be able to find problems, which minimises the need to dig and disturb the surface. Once the problem has been identified and rectified, we will resurface the area.

Concrete reinforcement pipe for drainage waste water from resident

Drainage installation

Our team are experienced in all kinds of drainage systems and will be able to complete the work to your satisfaction. We can upgrade your existing system and complete all the preparatory work needed. If your drainage system needs replacing, we will complete the work so that it will last for years to come.


We can install a range of drainage systems, and offer a variety of services including irrigation, garden drainage, land draining, excavations, plus laying drains and sewer pipes.


We are able to advise you on any kind of groundwork project, such as site clearance, preparation, demolition, driveways, ground improvement, block paving, new roads, car park construction, foundations, plus sewer connections.


All our groundwork is completed to a very high standard by our experienced and skilled team of contractors. They use the latest equipment to complete all projects to a high finish, within the agreed time frame and on budget.

Landscaped Driveway

Do you need commercial surfacing, drainage & groundworks services?

Contact our professional surfacing team at H.E.D in Bingley using our form.

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