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Tarmac® surfacing

Contact H.E.D in Bingley – your Tarmac® experts in West Yorkshire.

Tough and good-looking surfaces

Tarmac® is an extremely useful and resilient material that is used for all types of surfaces that need to be tough and weatherproof as well as nice to look at.

Traffic lines

What is tarmacadam?

Tarmacadam is usually called Tarmac®, which is a registered trademark. It is formed of crushed stones that are bound by tar, and provides a long-lasting, strong, and weather resistant surface that will last with very little maintenance for years to come. Tarmac® is cheaper and quicker to install than block paving, it looks great and needs a lot less maintenance, as there are no spaces for weeds to take hold.

Worker using vibratory plate compactor compacting asphalt for road repair

Our process

We excavate the area first to about 17cm deep to ensure the top level of the new surface is level with the ground. Edging is then installed, to keep the Tarmac® in place and to ensure it doesn’t crumble or crack at the edges. Then we lay a membrane to provide a solid base and inhibit weeds. A layer of crushed concrete is next, which is compacted and rolled before we apply 2 layers of Tarmac®.

Aligned drainage grills

Effective drainage

We ensure that all our Tarmac® projects have effective drainage strategies in place to avoid puddles and reduce water damage. Concrete edging is installed to finish off the project – this makes it look professionally laid and increases its longevity. You may also choose to have block paving or sandstone setts installed at the edges of your driveway. This can soften the look of a Tarmac® drive and adds some colour, perhaps to match your property. See our previous work for examples. We provide comprehensive commercial surfacing solutions as well.

Landscaped Driveway

Do you need a team that you can trust for your Tarmac® project?

Get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable surfacing team at H.E.D in Bingley using our form. We look forward to hearing from you and will make every effort to respond to any query with useful information based on our many years of experience. Please enter your details and the nature of your enquiry, whether it’s about Tarmac® surfacing or any other area of our business, including our excavation services, garden drainage, grounds maintenance, hard landscaping, patio laying, road marking, septic tanks, and even traffic signs.

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